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Patient Testimonials


"I love Dr. Xiao. After a treatment I feel so relaxed, so renewed. She has solved many health problems for me and for my family. I trust her judgement. When my son had a life threatening disease many doctors were involved. Ultimately her use of Chinese herbs was the treatment that worked."

-Jane B.


"Not only has Dr. Xiao alleviated my physical pain but after each treatment I have a tremendous sense of well being and feel re-energized."

-Chad R.


"I appreciate Dr. Xiao's talent in healing me over several years. After a second stroke she helped me to recover easily. She also helped me remove pain in my back and neck which gets upset when I work on my jewelry as I have to bend my head. As a result my neck would feel pain...Dr. Xiao removed the pain."

-Barbara S.


"Dr. Xiao was able to break the cycle of cluster migraines I experienced from 5-6 times a week to once or twice a year. She is truly a life saver!"

- Darlene D.


"I was going to different doctors to treat my cervical spine problems and no one could help me until I came to Dr. Xiao's and started acupuncture. After just the first visit all of my symptoms went away. I had no more vertigo! It was great and I was amazed. I felt better, more energetic, and was able to sleep better. I currently continue with treatment and am feeling great with no more symptoms. I recommend it to everyone. I am healthy and happy. I have found the perfect doctor to help me."

- Gabriela M.